An Atlas of Virginia Privacy Policy

An Atlas of Virginia and the accompanying Teacher’s Guide collect no personal information.

The site ( ) serves as dashboard from which students access links to the atlas copies authorized by their school division. The login is the same for all students at an individual school. The atlas itself, and the accompanying Teacher’s Guide, are delivered via Flipbooks hosted by Flipsnack ( In order to determine the usage of the Atlas Flipbooks and Teacher’s Guide, analytic tools are used by Flipsnack.

The paragraph below is from Flipsnack’s privacy policy and describes how they use Google Analytics and Hotjar to track user movements through the site. Note that the users are anonymous and can be identified only by IP address, device type, operating system, Internet browser, and location. The full policy can be found on their website at

“Analytics – In order to understand the use of our service, we need to allow site analytics tools to access some information regarding your site usage. These tools are Google Analytics and Hotjar. The information we collect through these third-party services includes your IP address, your device type and Operating System, your Internet browser, your location, the pages on our website you have visited, the actions you’ve performed on these pages (including recordings of your interactions, such as movements, mouse clicks)…”

Names of subscribers to An Atlas of Virginia (schools, school divisions, school division IT/Technology contact, museums) will be held in confidence by the Virginia Geographic Alliance. Virginia Geographic Alliance may contact subscribers about Atlas updates and free professional development opportunities on best practices using the Atlas of Virginia