An Atlas of Virginia

3rd edition online | print edition awaits funding | © Virginia Geographic Alliance 2020


  • two-page view

  • 40 full-page maps

  • over 40 narrative pages of nonfiction text

  • text features to support literacy skills

  • 51 mini maps as graphics

  • tables, charts, and diagrams

  • links to 65 interactive online maps and apps

  • geography, history, science, English/language arts, and math content

  • teacher guide with instructional ideas


Atlas of Virginia Cover

A vital resource for H/SS (K-3, VS, USI-II), Science (Gr. 4-8 & Earth Science), and ELA (Gr. 4-8) with content vocabulary and informational text. The Teachers’ Guide and Atlas include 100+ pages of color maps, access to interactive maps, content reading excerpts, images, graphs, charts, and interactive activities that promote the VDOE H/SS, ELA, and Science skills with an emphasis on the 5Cs.

  • Atlas-Flipbook-Pages58-59
    Sample pages from An Atlas of Virginia